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The Top 4 PDF Converter Softwares to Use in 2022


Technology has made it possible to study and work using technology. This was years ago. The ways we do business and learn have changed drastically since the widespread adoption of information technology and all its perks.

There are so many things computers can do that it seems impossible to list them all. This is why every classroom and office has at least one laptop or desktop. It is much more difficult to find, use, or edit the documents that we require every day without them.

There are many file types available that can be used for various purposes. The most popular of these file types is the PDF (for portable document format). Adobe, a tech giant, created it in 1993. It can be used to present text and images in documents. It is independent of any operating system or software.

These features make the PDF the universal tool for viewing and trading information of any kind, from literature to important documents. We need to be able to use it in many different ways. What if you need another type of file? Or if you have a different type and need a PDF version? This is where file converters are always welcome. This article will discuss the best PDF converter software to make your life easier in 2022. Continue reading to find out more at

A Good PDF Converter

Before we can move on to the best PDF convertors, it is important to take the time to determine the quality of PDF converters. They must be able to convert between many file formats, so you can use them for both well-known and less-known files. Second, speed and conversion quality must be better than the average. The interface design and usability of the software must be clear and simple. OCR (optical character recognition) is also a must. The following list contains the top PDF converters you should try.

StarzSoft PDF WIZ

This PDF converter is the best in its class and guarantees safer and faster conversions every single time. This all-in-one PDF toolkit will increase your productivity regardless of what you need. It has no privacy restrictions and your files are not limited in size. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is very easy to use. Once you’ve chosen the direction and type of conversion, drag and drop will allow you to select the file that you desire. After clicking the Convert button, please wait for a few seconds. Word, PowerPoint and Excel are all possible to be converted from a PDF file. Many of these files can be converted into PDFs. This PDF converter offers premium options such as splitting, compressing and merging, merging and extracting and password adding and deleting PDFs.


GorillaPDS is the second converter that we have. It’s advertised as the “PDF tool for busy people”. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and efficiently convert images and documents into PDF files. There are eight options available once you have opened it. You have the option to convert JPG to pdf, PNG toPDF, Word toPDF, PowerPoint toPDF, Excel toPDF, Word toPDF, PowerPoint toPDF, and TXT toPDF. You can also password-protect and unlock PDF files that have been password protected. These options may seem minimal to you but there are hidden features. Word to PDF allows you to convert all file types, including DOCX, DOXM and DOCX. PowerPoint can be converted to PPTXX, PPTXPOTX, ODP, and PPSX. Excel supports XLSXXLSX, XLSB and ODS. Regular updates are made to the converter and new features are added from time-to-time. Although it is an online converter, they will delete all files uploaded after 12 hours. Each upload is protected by an SSL encryption pdf to jpg.

Soda PDF Converter

Another free converter is worth looking at. This software is available on any device. You can also use it to read, edit, annotate and create PDF files online or on your mobile device. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are supported formats. Soda makes conversion easy. Uploading is simple if you select the online option. Drag and drop is even easier for the desktop version. Select the format you prefer and the program will do the rest. It’s easy! You can also convert scanned documents with the OCR feature. The batch convert feature lets you convert multiple PDFs to different formats. Soda also supports 3D file viewing, real page flipping, regular updates, and regular file changes. In addition to English, Soda supports German, French and Spanish as well as Russian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese languages.

KDAN’s PDF reader

KDAN’sPDF Reader is a top-rated free app that deserves to be mentioned for its amazing features and the title of best productivity app on both iTunes and Mac App Store. It provides all the necessary options, but also offers advanced options like the ability to extract text from images, sign directly on the screen, and add handwritten notes. It allows you to easily highlight, underline, strikeout, and highlight text. You can also add or manage notes, whether they are sticky notes or pre-designed stamps. You can increase your productivity and speed up your work with just a few clicks. Kdan PDF reader lets you choose the background and brightness of your documents to minimize straining your eyes. It’s easy to use and can be used on any device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. Use passwords, watermarks, and link protection to protect your files from being accessed by unauthorised people.

It’s convenient for reading books on your smartphone or desktop, filling out contracts, commenting, and even creating your own school materials. Kdan can also be used as a converter to convert files from or to Microsoft Office documents in text, HTML, RTF and pub formats. You can save the premade columns so you don’t have worry about losing your formatting scheme. Instead, you can focus on editing. You can select pages that you don’t need and delete them. You can remove pages containing confidential information or images by clicking on the Page Edit icon. Then, select and delete them. This tool is essential in today’s rapidly changing environment. It is simple to use and packed with useful features. This tool will allow you to be your best self.

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