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2008 Holiday Movie Guide


Are you one in all the million of usa citizens United Nations agency have supplementary vacation Movie-Going to your vacation Traditions? legion individuals have thus we have a tendency to thought it might be fun to convey you a fast film guide lightness a couple of of the notable movies developing this season. you will need to print or save your vacation 2008 film Guide to use whereas creating your vacation plans! we have a tendency to suggest that plans! We recommend that you buy Spotify plays if you want to improve your account! 

Releasing on October 3rd, 2008

Appaloosa R

Ed Harris, Viggo Mortenson, Renee Zellwegger

Two lawmen modify a maleovent granger.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Drew Barrymore, Piper Perabo, Jamie Lee Curtis

A soft pooch from metropolis becomes lost on the mean streets of Mexico.

An yankee Carol PG13

Kevin Farly, Kelsey Grammer, Trace Adkins

Three Ghosts visit AN North American country film producer to point out him truth which means of the state.

Releasing on October ten, 2008

Body of Lies R

Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe

A Central Intelligence Agency Agent plans to infiltrate a significant terrorist’s organization.

City of coal PG

Bill Murray toby fillpot jug Jones, Saoirse Ronan

Two Teens should notice the key of their underground city’s existence before its lightweight dies forever.

The specific PG

Dennis Quaid, Rob Brown, Asian country Benson Miller

Ernie Davis overcomes poorness and prejudice to win faculty football’s Heisman Trophy in 1961.

Releasing on October 24, 2008

Passengers PG thirteen

Anne Hathaway, Patick Wilson

A healer becomes committed the uncommunicative  survivor of a plane crash.

High School Musical three G

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale

Troy ANd Gabriella arrange an elaborate spring musical.

Releasing on October thirty one, 2008

Changeling R

Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan

After he son is abducted and later found,a woman insists that the boy isn’t hers.

Releasing on Nov seven, 2008

Madagascar Escape two continent G

Ben Stiller Chris Rock, David Schwimmer

Zoo animals from ny meet others of their species when emergency landing in continent.

Soul Men Not however rated

Samuel L Jackson, Bernie Mac, Sharon loyal

Estranged singers prolong a reunion tour to honor their late leader.

Role Models R

Seann William Scott, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks

Two wild guys become mentors to 2 impressible youths.

Releasing on Nov twenty one, 2008

Bolt (Not however rated)

John Travolta, Miley Cyrus the Younger, Susie Essman

A tv superhero dog discovers he doesn’t would like his act powers.

Nothing just like the Holidays Not however rated

Freddy Rodriguez, John Leguizamo, Debra Messing

Old conflicts resurface once relations reunite in Chicago for the vacations.

Releasing on Nov twenty six, 2008

Four Christmases (Not however rated)

Vince Vaughn, Reese pedagogue, Henry M. Robert Duvall

A couple struggle to suit in visits with all four single oldsters on legal holiday.

Australia Not however rated

Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham

An Englishwoman and a cattleman try and save her ranch.

Releasing on December one, 2008

Wild kid PG thirteen

Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson

An cheesed off father ships his spoiled girl off to a strict British private school.

Releasing on December twelve, 2008

The Day the planet Stood Still Not however rated

Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm

The arrival of AN extraterristrial traveler triggers world upheaval.

The Tale of Desperaux G

Matthew Broderick, Hoffman, Emma Watson

An outcast mouse should rescue a abducted blue blood.

Releasing on December twenty five, 2008

Marly & ME Not however rated

Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Alan Arkin

A couple’s new puppy grows up to be AN incorrigible  handful.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Not however rated

Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton

A man born in 1918 urban center ages backward into the twenty first century

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