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pet photography contest 2015


This year, we asked our supporters to send us photos of their pets. We have had two of the most amazing entries, yet there were a lot of great ones.

It’s great to see that many of our supporters were willing to share their pets with us, and we hope that our readers will try to get some of their pets in the next contest. There are two categories: “Pet of the Week” and “Pet of the Month.” We will be awarding the top photo for each category on a weekly basis.

I am one of the people who had a pet I kept for over 10 years. I loved the way my dog and cat were together, and this time of year they are my favorite. I have a few pets of my own, including a very cute dog named Toto. He is my favorite pet, and I was excited to win a pet photo contest this year.

We were also thrilled to be one of the few who was chosen as the Pet of the Month. Toto is a sweet pup who always gets the best of me. Every spring, I take him down to the local lake to swim with his new friends.

I’ve recently been making my eyes water by going into the backyard and taking a picture of my dog at his new home. He is a beautiful dog, and when I see him go swimming with his friends, I think it is fitting that he is so popular, as he is a pet! He is a great dog, and I don’t think I would have ever imagined the dog as much as I do.

I was asked to take a photo of my pet Toto, but since he is a dog, I thought he would be a bit taller than a human, so I had to use a camera that is about the size of a human finger. If you are pet photography contest 2015, theres no excuse for not getting a nice photo of your best friend.

The dog is not actually a dog, but a Pomeranian (which is a breed of dog with long floppy ears and a short muzzle). I was asked to pose my pet and make a photo of him, but since he is a dog, the camera had to be about the size of a human finger, so I had to use a digital camera to make a portrait of my pet.

Since my dog was a Pomeranian, I had to use an advanced camera that has a lens that is similar to a camera-zoom lens. The lens has a number of tiny holes that allow a small amount of light to pass through and create a nice photo. It is a bit difficult to get the picture perfect photo you want, but the rewards are worth every second you put into it.

In order to get a perfect photo, you have to have some sort of exposure, or an even better picture. I have used a Nikon D300-D2 with a wide-angle lens and a Nikon D300-D4 with the wide-angle lens. I also have a Nikon D240-D2 with a lens that has a wide-angle lens. The one I have used was a Nikon D150 with a wide-angle lens.

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