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pet friendly rat poison


I had a pet rat poison before I started this post. Apparently, that’s a common issue for most pet-friendly homes. But I guess it’s more of a fact, and I was thinking about it when I wrote this post, “I never use it to poison my pets.” Oh well.

I have no idea why, but I just wanted to share a little bit of pet poison information. The rat poison is often a rat poison (which is also a favorite of mine). The best time to use rat poison is when you are actually killing the animals, but you don’t know.

The rat poison comes in a can which you have to keep on hand for the next few days. You also have to store it somewhere safe and away from children and pets. But when you have a large number of rats running around your house, you might find rat poison useful.

The rat poison is an excellent way to kill rats, especially if you have a very large number of rats running around your house. The idea is to kill them all at once. But if you leave the can on your kitchen counter for too long, you can also accidentally poison yourself.

It looks as though the rat poison is a pretty good way to kill rats. And there are a few ways to keep your poison on hand. First, you can use it to kill rats if you have a large number of rats running around your house. Second, you can store it in a large can. Third, you can bury it in a hole in the ground. The last is the best, because the rat poison is easily accessible from outside of your house.

Rats are a common way to kill rats, so the idea of putting rat poison in a can is a no-brainer. Second, you can use the rat poison to kill rats if you have a large number of rats running around your house. The rats in a can are going to be a little more difficult to kill all at once, but the advantage is that you can keep this poison on hand for a long time.

What do you do with a rat poison that’s already buried? We’ll tell you. First, you let your wife or children clean their butts and clothes. Then you take the poison and put it in a can and bury it. Just like a human would.

Well, you could just stick the rat poison in your own mouth or drink it. Which is better? Well, I guess it depends on whether you want to be the rat.

I guess we should just kill rats like humans do.

First, you get a rat. Then you put that rat poison in your mouth and drink it. And if you’ve done enough research, you’ll find out that rats don’t have tongues.

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