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Exploring SST Class 10 Weightage 2024


When it comes to scoring well in Class 10 exams, it is essential to understand the weightage of each subject and the various topics within them. In this article, we will focus on Social Science (SST) for the 2024 examinations.

Understanding the Weightage

The SST paper in Class 10 is divided into four main components: History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. Each of these components carries a specific weightage in the examination.


  • Ancient History: Weightage – 14-17%
  • Medieval History: Weightage – 12-15%
  • Modern History: Weightage – 17-20%


  • Resources and Development: Weightage – 9-12%
  • Water Resources: Weightage – 5-8%
  • Agriculture: Weightage – 5-8%

Political Science:

  • Power Sharing: Weightage – 8-10%
  • Federalism: Weightage – 7-10%
  • Democracy and Diversity: Weightage – 7-10%


  • Development: Weightage – 12-15%
  • Sectors of the Indian Economy: Weightage – 8-10%
  • Money and Credit: Weightage – 10-12%

Preparation Strategies

To excel in SST in Class 10 exams, students need to adopt effective preparation strategies. Here are some tips to score well in each section:


  • Focus on understanding key events and their significance.
  • Create timelines to remember important dates.
  • Practice mapping skills for better retention.


  • Learn to interpret maps and diagrams accurately.
  • Understand concepts like latitude and longitude.
  • Regularly revise topics related to climate and natural vegetation.

Political Science:

  • Stay updated with current affairs to link them with concepts.
  • Practice answering questions on the political system of India.
  • Understand the concepts of democracy and rights in society.


  • Focus on numerical problems related to concepts like inflation and budget.
  • Understand the functioning of various sectors in the Indian economy.
  • Revise regularly to grasp the complex topics effectively.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is it essential to memorize dates in history for the Class 10 SST exam?
  2. While memorizing dates can be helpful, focus more on understanding the events and their impact.

  3. How can I improve my map skills for the Geography section?

  4. Practice regularly by drawing and labeling maps of different regions and countries.

  5. Are NCERT textbooks enough for preparing for the SST exam?

  6. NCERT textbooks are essential, but it is advisable to refer to additional study materials for better preparation.

  7. What is the best way to revise for the Political Science section?

  8. Create summary notes and revise key concepts regularly. Practice answering questions from previous year papers.

  9. How can I score well in the Economics section without memorizing everything?

  10. Focus on understanding the concepts and practice applying them to real-life scenarios. Attempt sample papers to enhance problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, achieving success in SST in Class 10 exams requires a comprehensive understanding of each subject within the discipline. By following a structured study plan and practicing consistently, students can navigate through the syllabus effectively and score well in the upcoming examinations.

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