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chico pet works


I had the pleasure of spending a week in Chile with chico pet. Not only did I get to eat the best chicharron, but I also got to work on my first video game. The title of the game was “chico pet works” which translates to “The Work of Chico Pet”. I got a bunch of fun and meaningful work done while I was there, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a taste of this country.

The game was released in March of 2016, and it’s essentially a multiplayer adventure game in which players can play either as a man or a woman. It combines art, sound, and animation in a way that you’ll be hard pressed to find in video games.

Chico Pet works is a multiplayer game in which you are the protagonist. You’re a man named Chico Pet, and you’re basically a mechanic, a worker, and a human. You have the ability to move into different areas and work on different jobs that you’ll do on this island. There are a ton of different jobs, and each job has its own unique abilities.

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