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auf wiedersehen pet


Auf wiedersehen is a German phrase for a “good night.” It means “on your way to sleep.” It is an expression that is used to say goodbye to someone you are close to or as a goodbye to someone you have lost contact with. It is used as a farewell to someone you care about. Many people use it when they are on their way out of a relationship.

The old saying goes, “Auf wiedersehen pet” or goodbye to you means goodbye to the person you just talked to, or someone you have just met. Auf wiedersehen pet can also be used to mean goodbye to someone you have just lost contact with. Auf wiedersehen pet is used when you either wish to end a friendship or a relationship, or you just wish to say “goodbye”.

Auf wiedersehen pet was one of the five farewell phrases used in the German language. The meaning of auf wiedersehen pet is the same as in English.

The German-language farewell phrase is the same as in English, but it is often used in a more formal context.Auf wiedersehen pet has the advantage of being both a farewell and a goodbye phrase. When you say goodbye to someone, you want to convey that you are not going to see them again, and when you say farewell to someone you say goodbye but it is for a period of time you are not going to return to them.

This is what we mean when we refer to the English phrase “I’ve got a lot to say to you tonight”. We are saying to the person that we want you to say goodbye to, that we are going to leave them something to talk about for a while.

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