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I am a little bit obsessed with the name “angelus”, and I love it so much, that I have been thinking about a way to incorporate it into the name of my business. The idea of the hospital came to me after reading an article on angelus pet hospital. As the article says, “Angelus is a Latin word meaning ‘little angel.’” I have been considering adding the hospital to both the name and the logo of my business.

I think the name itself is nice, and I love the idea of the hospital as a place where people go to be seen, but it would be a bit confusing if the name of the hospital were Angelus Pet Hospital. There is a little bit of a connotation to the word “Angelus” that I don’t like so I wanted to take it out.

I like the idea of an angelus pet hospital, but I would probably rename it to Angelus Pet Hospital of the Little Angels. Angelus was a very important Roman god who was often associated with healing. I would think those of us who are dealing with the pain of the little angels would be in a better place.

The name of the hospital is Angelus Pet Hospital. It was named for the Roman god that was often associated with healing. The little angels were a group of Roman gods who were often thought of as the heavenly guardians of the underworld. The little angels were considered the guardian of the underworld because they would guard those who were in trouble from the wicked. So the little angels were often associated with healing.

The little angels are not the only god that we are associated with. There are a lot of other Roman deities, such as the Roman gods Saturn, Vesta, and Minerva, who were believed to visit the little angels and help them with their troubles. The little angels are the only ones that we have a name for.

It is said that one of the first things they taught the little angels was how to become aware of their surroundings and make the right decisions. So one of the little angels told them “You are in a hospital,” and the little angel told the little angel to go take a look, and the little angel told the little angel that they could take a look. And so the little angel in question went into the hospital.

We are told in the interview that the little angel is the angelus, the angel that helps us with our problems. So the little angel is the angelus pet hospital, and the little angel is helping the little angels in their problems. And we can’t help wondering if that’s some sort of reference to a certain video game franchise or if the little angels are the angels of the video game heaven.

I think I have two words for you, Angelus: “Hey, it’s not what you think.

Its a bit of a tangential story, but if you’ve played any of the Angelus games you know that you can save yourself from an angel if you’re careful. But that’s not what happened. The angelus that helps you in the first game just gave you a really bad headache. The angel that helped you in the second game is your angel.

The first game is called Angelus Pet Hospital and the second game is also called Angelus Pet Hospital and theyre basically the same game. A bit different though. The first game takes place in the city of Angelus, the second is in a nearby town called Angelus. Both the first and second games are about saving an angel from a demon who’s trying to steal his wings.

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